Yes Boss

by Graham Smith & KGW

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Tor Gustad
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Tor Gustad Its hard to pick a fav album, but at the moment its this one. Here KGW is at its finest, dwarfing Bright Eyes in descriptions of contemplation. They pack the dark humour of Magnetic Fields, the rawness and sincerety of Two Gallants.

The melodies are always alive and bursting with inventiveness. Graham keep finding new bridges and changes that somehow fit amazingly well.

The lyrics have so much introvertive selfaware irony and gallows humor that the honesty and prose baffles me. Favorite track: Long Time, No Sleep.
Carlos Slim
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Carlos Slim I would like to hear this performed by the rock group Ladyhawk Favorite track: Click Off (Album Version).


This was the first Reesonable release, REALLY, although Mrs. Equitone rings in as r000 since it was the first album released with the germ of an idea in mind.

But nevertheless, for this album I wrote 24 songs, recorded 13 of them in a studio with a full band (Thayer, Mike, Ryan, although Ryan wasn't there at the studio on the tracking day).

This "final" version of Yes Boss consists of one 18-song record and one 18-song bonus record.

They are both presented here, the split coming after track 18.


released June 9, 2008

Graham Smith, Thayer McClanahan, Ryan Smith, Mike Fadem


all rights reserved


Track Name: Carried Away
Sometimes I feel like Manoj Bajpai
Like when I say "Hello" and "Goodbye"
At the same time

And as I watch the scenery trot by
There's a fire below and behind my glazed eyes

And so I start to wiggle in my seat
Quaff another draught to put my heart to sleep
And take it to the streets
Making quite a scene
Quietly obscene

And as the nighttime fades into murky light
I pace and bellow and imbibe and cry and cry

Until the sun and shade and passers-by
Greet a humble fellow in a pile by the riverside

You've got another week
To sharpen up the speech
To make your life worth leading
Be it mercifully brief
It's better than a right good beating
See, it's much better than what you're feeling

Me, I'm gonna crack under the pressure
And let my spine relax
Guard and attack in equal measure
Or just watch the time elapse
But if you know a way that doesn't take forever
I'll talk to you when you get back
And I'll be goddamned if it doesn't make me
A better man

So you'd better hand me one for the hard road ahead
And two for the midnight show
I'm lost in a bar code again
All out of insight
Put up a big front if you want a big fight
I'd like a little one, but I'm sure I'll get by
Yeah I'll be just fine
I'll keep it all inside, then strike with a hit and run

Because it's all beyond my comprehension now
I can't imagine what'll happen if I get a sentence out
Will you hem, will you haw, will you
Tell me what went wrong?
Will you giggle, then guffaw
Then pretend there's nothing happening at all?

Or will you take it out of context
And inflate the facts
Until they're all morbidly convex?
And what kind of game is that?
Oh, I know you know I know everything's more complex
Than you could have ever known
But I still believe that being glib and prolix
Is the only way to go so

Take it as it comes
Maybe it'll come back to you
Or maybe nothing makes you feel that way
So be dumb
Sing it like you sung last time through
And be done with it
Wash your hands and say no, no, no
Bang it like a drum
Get your dander up one last time
Maybe you'll be better for it
Take another punch, take another plunge,
Do it right
Put your back into it, I know you can do it!
You know you can do it!

But can I say, can I say
Someday you're going to get carried away
And on that day you'll get caught in the sway
Of a garish display
The champagne sprays, the campaign changes
Somebody's gonna get married today!
But le jayenge, le jayenge
Don't get carried away
Track Name: Misdirection
Waiting for the ink to dry
Wondering why I didn't think to try to
Mitigate my indiscretions with a vague reply
Just a little misdirection to assuage the eye

Waiting for the phone to ring
To redistribute
All this weight that I've been shouldering
Brother, I shit you not
I'm buckling under 80 ppi of stress
And at the risk of sounding acquiescent, I confess

It was me on your bed
With my hand on your leg
Staring at your restless body as you slept
As you turned on your side
Something gleamed in your eye
And you focused your gaze on me as you wept

It's no surprise
Behold the power of illusion
For you, it's just confusion
For me, it's a way of life
But the methods I've been using
Have steadily been losing
Their effect on your mind

So I'm waiting for the day to break
To see if I can brave another grave mistake
And as the blue-grey dawn descends I lick my hands & cauterize my wounds
Exhale 3 days of breath and watch the lies balloon

And then I'm waiting for the night to come
Although to be quite frank I don't know what I'm hiding from
I've got no secrets left to lend me any solipsistic sense of self
And boring open books don't always sell so well

So I sleep
On the floor
Till a knock on my door
And your nervous shuffling sneakers wake me up

So come in
Have a seat
I've chilled out
Since last week
But what a lark it was to be a crazy fuck

For just one night
I gave myself over to you
That and a thrown open-toed shoe
And two beautiful puffy eyes
The phrase is overused--
I felt something new for you
But just the something sufficed
Track Name: Frowns 'n' Squeals
To the edge of the earth
Until the end of the world
Tell your friends, for what it's worth,
I don't care for them
I don't care

But hedge your bets and purse your lips
As you stretch your words across your
Genuine concerns; I'm aware of them
I'm aware

But it's all in a flick of the wrist
That's all it takes to forget you exist
So be scared
How do you think I think up this shit?
I just flip on a switch, and it's there?
Oh, I wish!

Well I swear though I can't grow a beard
Like Devendra Banhart
I can act sincere on occasion
I was down in the lab sketching plans and fan art
And as such missed the grand celebration

But now I'll have ample time to mend the ramparts
And prepare strange new fortifications
So fuck five more minutes, man, let the band start
We have all been sadly, sorely mistaken

And the only way to deal
Is to let ourselves heal
As we shake this place down to the ground
And I'm losing my appeal a bit
Each time I feel your fists
Moving my mouth around
To make frowns
And squeals

How to not pick up a hint:
1. Lick your lips
2. Give up and quit
Track Name: High Tech Computer Magician
Lost a step
Trying to run as fast as I could
From you and the bed that we slept in
And I said, "Now I'll never catch up,"
And look, I haven't caught up yet

But I'm not upset
Because you're not a threat
And I don't know who I'm trying to protect
So drop me a line, we can redisconnect

But I gotta jet, for now, gotta set my alarm
Clean off the makeup, turn on the charm
Get out of my dreams and into my car
But there you are

And I need a charge
The display is so large
And that picture is so unflattering
You're draining me and my battery

So I can't answer
The High Tech Computer Magician
"Decline" will automatically transfer you
To voicemail
So you can leave a message
I won't listen to
Blame it on bad reception
Try and try again you can't get through

Like I can't get through to you
That we were never anything really but we're through
I know it sounds romantic and silly but it's true
What do you want I should do?
I could change all the locks
Or I could turn back the clock

And you call me a cock, but I'm not, so you call me a lot, and you got what you want, now it's all that you got, we fought and we fought and you came out on top, but now it must stop.

So maybe you could call me sometime
When you're having trouble getting to sleep
And I can be cool to be unkind
And you'll listen to me
Well aren't I just a ray of sunshine?
But this is a set-up, and you are the punchline:
"Maybe you can call me sometime..."
Track Name: Hrithik's Character Rohit Mehra's Six Finger Satellite, a Series of Lessons for Guitars
So I'm just chillin'
With this length of rope you gave me
Trying to figure out if maybe
It's enough to hang myself

And right now,
I'm leaning towards probably
For all my armchair philosophy
I'm not doing so well

So I sit
On the corner of the bed
Mechanically repeat each word I said
To find a rhythm
To fit
The grim tenor of this room
And I know you love to misconstrue
The way and things you think I really think of you
But I'm not missing you one bit

I hear you've been living
Room to room and town to town,
A hair from down and out,
More up and down, and round and round
But right now, I'm picturing you dissing me
To dilettantes and philistines
You always talked too loud

But you'll shut
Your mouth again no matter what
Comes out you'll end up eating
Humble pie with a side of your words and foot
And you'll whimper like a hairless dog in winter
And be spared the fog of intercourse
Your bird is cooked
You heard me, look me in the eyes

And tell me you don't see
A man who never even tried to love you
Gather the clues and evidence, it doesn't take a gumshoe
To figure out what I'm about and what I have been up to
But whatever, you had your turn, you lost, thank you and fuck you

But it's always a struggle, I'll concede that fact
We live in a bubble, you sleep in the same clothes every night
Each time I'm in trouble, I get a brief flashback
To when my thoughts weren't muddled
And it didn't take so many words to be subtle

Back then I needed the weak, silent type
Someone whose ignorance was virus-like
Someone who smiled despite all
The intermittent chaos in their line of sight
And still tried to fight

You say you've got nothing, I don't believe you though
I know when you're bluffing, your brow tends to twitch like an insect's wing
Were you worth your stuffing, you'd harness your need to go
On and on about your loving
And focus more on maybe doing something

Cause I'm afraid your current tack
Is leading you astray, and as for turning back
You're just no good at that
You tried your hardest but you never could adapt
And now you're as good as trapped

But you can't make an omelet without putting all your eggs into one basket
And it's just not a funeral without an open casket
You win a few, you lose a lot, you leverage your losses
Regroup, rebuild and soon enough you hemorrhage your profit
Track Name: Beast Os
To follow me wherever I go
Should be the greatest pleasure you know
And if I stray a little tiny bit you may
Make something out of it
Spray me with your venom
And then leave me where I lay

But might I say, that is to say add
That there's a way that we can both be satisfied and still stay mad
And that is to say, to each other, today

That we are less than animals
When disconnected from the hive mind
What once seemed tangible
Is not quite what it seems, and I find
It all a bit unmanageable
So I'm giving it up while I'm behind
And it seems unsalvageable
So in that sense this is amicable
Some might even say admirable
But I've had enough sentiment for several lifetimes

And most times, I don't even like mine
It's all well and good I guess
It keeps crude oil coursing through the pipeline
And the bones inside the flesh
But once in a while, usually at night time
I'm like a man possessed
I scream and shake, I swear and sweat
I beat my head and bang my chest

Until the room ignites and everything's aflame
From the fixtures on the ceiling
To the joists on the bedframe
And the world rotates on its axis
Every night it's the exact same dream
And I wake up screaming
"It'll take a beast of a woman to tame me!"

And I see the fires burning below the deck
But it's the tip of the iceberg I want
I see the gyres swirling too
So please tell me if I'm hurting you
Just say the safe word and I'll stop

Of course now I see, in retrospect,
It would have been polite
To tell you what the safe word was ahead of time
But that would spoil the fun of hearing
What you think it might be
And don't bother trying to fight me,
Let it ride

Odds are 100:1 that it is "love,"
And 6:5 that it's a multiple-word phrase
Like "dead inside"
But it's probably something far more esoteric
And/or snide
That I came up with when I was getting high

So come on, out with an uneducated guess
There's lots of far more satisfying things
Than saying "yes"
We are losing precious minutes
And I'm fresh out of sedatives
So let's do and say we didn't,
Or let's not and say
"Thank god we never did."
Track Name: Why You Must Be So Damn Morose
Waiting for a friend of mine
Who's been saying we should spend some time
Just greying, watching it limp by and
Debating how we've spent our lives

Oh I've been silly, I've been really
Wrong along the way
I've been toiling in obscurity
I've been kicking around, just gigging
Digging my own grave
What makes me tick?
What makes me sick?
What is security if not fleeting?

Fickle as a cloud
And we leaving much much sooner now
As if even meeting has been broken down
And stripped of meaning
Just unfocused sound

I've been careless with my heart
And I was careless from the start on
I've been careless with my art
But in all fairness, I'm a hard-on
And it's tearing us apart
Though we're already too far gone
To say anything smart
So I'll just get my snark on

Why do you have to be so difficult?
So tenuous and so elliptical?
Why do you have to be so generously cryptic?
I ask you for a pencil sketch,
You hammer out a triptych

It's crazy
But I am crazier
So when you graze me, I get my rapier
And you are amazing, as you have maybe heard
But it doesn't faze me, for I'm but a baby bird

And everything is perfectly mysterious to me
I sense only flits of movement and light
Now you find me, motionless
Delirious from sleep
Don't hesitate-- don't hesitate--
Do it tonight!

So now I guess I see why you must be so damn morose
It's a matter of sincerity
It's better I guess than being overheated and verbose
Though it's not a large disparity
Track Name: You-Know-What
So let's say there's a man
Who keeps all his affairs in order
And who does the best he can
But then there's the Earth
Which encroaches on the buried border
That he puts around his words

And they just don't get it
So he puts up razor wire
And he tells them to forget it
But that only fuels the fire

And so they decide
To treat this man as an outsider
And to gossip of his pride
And the divide
Grows too large for a mere divider
To separate the sides

So they say there's a problem
Yeah, they make up a story
They claim that it's awful
And they make a good case
But you know what?

It doesn't matter what they say
Cause he'll take claptrap anyday
Over penny dreadfuls dressed as exposes
Until the day they come and throw him in the lake

And he writhes and he founders
His mouth fills with water
He almost goes under
But no, not today

And so he's a wizard
And must be summarily executed
So it's back to the river for another trial
His guilt has never been disputed
And the crowd's all smiles

So the judge hoists a bible
He flips to some marked chapter
He chokes on his own saliva
Then clears his throat and proclaims:

"You know what this man will do
If he should get his hands on you
And God forbid his dreams come true
Or we'll be down there foundering too

But you know what this man must do
Just to hold on and make it through?"
And so he finally gives in to
Track Name: No Nippon Ichi
Perhaps you treat me
Like a tactical RPG
But I'm no Nippon Ichi
My games are frustratingly easy

Catch and release
Advance and retreat
Reconnoiter and debrief
And soon enough you will defeat me

All the tunnels you dig around me
And my defenses are dead ends
As if you gave two figs about me
You couldn't if you tried
Which you shouldn't, by the by

But better off with than without me
You give chase valiantly
As if the charge is worth the bounty
But catch me if you can
I am spry, I am infinitely wise
But quasipotent
And uneasy on the eyes

But that's just me
Untrustworthy and weak
A valueless antique
At least that was your implication
Or my artifact of interpretation
An imperfect interpolation
A miscommunication
Are you saying I can't speak?

Or have you said a single word
This entire conversation?
Let's not talk about that now
Did you hear that sound?
Anyways, let's see, where was I
When I gained this obligation to you?
Don't answer-- but you do have an answer, don't you?

I guess I can't see
Why you're mad at me
I'm no John de Lancie
I act completely powerless
And you believe
The performance is discrete
The illusion is complete
And I'm spared from sorting out this mess

I wonder where would I be now
If we'd never met
Probably right here where I am
With less regret

But come summer fairer skies will
Mask the things I neglect
And make them easier to swallow
And digest

Because I'd gladly be a glutton
To rid myself of envy and pride
Lust has left me behind
But it's alright

Cause I stepped from death to life in 1979
And I'll jump from life to death
When it is time
Track Name: Cathedral Ceilingz
Don't make a big production
Out of this character-driven play
And we can skip the introductions--
Let's start in medias res

--So it's not for nothing
I've gathered you all here today
To bear the arms I'm up in
And get all up in my face

I'm no glutton for punishment
I just take the ball and run with it, I guess
It seemed like a good idea at the time
Not what I had in mind, but yet still
Alright, it's fine, just fine, yes, yes

Forgive the interruption--
Now what were you struggling to say?
That your form informs your function
In a most dysfunctional way?

Or was it something else?
And does it bear repeating?
Say what you will but I know
You're probably still leaving out

The part I care about the most
Wherein you look at me like you've seen a ghost
And I reluctantly admit that
Yes, you have, and now we must get

Out of here
I see the sorrow forming in your eyes
But it's too late

So if you'd like to see tomorrow morning
I suggest you stay awake
At least as long as I do
And I know you can feel it inside you

The setup is:
This is a stick-up, kid
The tires on the pickup skid
The FM radio hiccuping staccato
Stochastic static splits the songs
Into fractured patternless tesserae
And fractals, randomness the only constant
That is, if you don't count anguish

Now there's no need for that language
When there's a time and place
For being frank and candid
I'll be first out of the gate

Give me cathedral ceilings
And I can take or leave six feet of space
So tell me are these evil feelings
Or simply honest mistakes?

And that is pencils down
It gets more suspenseful now, I know
The theater empties out
Till it's only the seven of us left in the crowd
And so I end the story right,
Right now
Track Name: Along
We're getting along in years
Not so much in person
But honey, dry your tears
It'll only take five more beers
To cut the tension in the air between us, so
We're coming along just fine

You've got a long, long list
And I my long, long ladder
But I've got two strong fists
For such a foolish songstress
And you stare with those idle eyes
But there's nothing to see here--
Move it along

Or prove me wrong
Make all my best nightmares come true
For all the shit I get from you
You're not giving me much to work with
Or am I doing it wrong?
I don't do much
I think too much
And you taint everything you touch
And I started out far from perfect

So sing me a song
And if you're going somewhere with this
Bring me along

You've forgotten I'm a idiot
And I just don't understand
It's a burden and a pity but it's true
And from where I'm sitting
This is getting out of hand
But I am willing to take it much further than you

And I've got thick, thick skin
Your weaponry is useless
So you can see what a pickle you're in
The flood slows to a trickle
I win again and retain my title of grand champion
Which I've held for a long, long time

And then the unpleasantness begins
You act and I feel foolish
The butterflies and shaking shins
The feeling of taking it on the chin
The baroque blow-by-blow
And the roccoco afterglow
I've seen it all
So I don't mind

Yeah, I'm doing fine
It's all the same old song and dance
You can pout and cast a longing glance
But you can't dissuade me
So give me a sign
That there's a part of your pure heart
That can finish what you start
C'mon, draw your sword and slay me

Or sing me a song
And when it reaches its crescendo
Ring the alarm

Bring it on
And if I'm not content to let go
String me along
Track Name: Click Off
Do we have to hash it out again?
I've made my points and my peace
So how am I to now defend
My beliefs and the secrets I keep
In my throat?

But at least
In your wildest dreams
There's a note
Of caprice
That arouses me

And if that's not the click track in my ear
I know my heart is beating

See how abstract all the specifics become
As we hobble away from the events
Regardless of perspective, though,
The deed has been done
And there's nothing I can say in my defense

But as it so happens
There's a catch
There's a caveat
And you know back when
It was fresh I thought
You had me caught
In your net
And I'll be honest
I was glistening
With cold sweat
But I made a promise
To stop listening

And from everything I'm hearing
That was quite a wise decision to make
So I'll shout la la la la la till you shut up
Or I'll just spit in your face
If that's what it takes

I've got my whole life behind me,
I could get it back, it isn't too late
But I'm done with my munificent days
And that reminds me,
Let me take a minute to say:

I've got my heart partitioned
But it's running out of room
You've got a martyr's vision
But you care about the truth
I'm firing on all pistons
I'm in it for the long haul
So if you need assistance
All you have to do is not call

Then you can help yourself to everything that is me
It's one thing to talk about it
To think it through is another indeed
You'll do alright
You've got a gentle hand and heart and quick feet
I've learned to live without it
I don't need no click on this beat

But shouldn't we plan now for when
We both give up this fantasy?
Track Name: You Go Now pt. III
Tell me now
If you want to go home
And no, I'm not trying to kick you out
Cause I know that you think that I dick you around

But I don't
But still just let me know
Cause you're focusing on some vague distant point
And it's obvious you're just annoyed
With your words so manicured and slow

So go, go, go
Walk away
While you still have the chance to save yourself, girl
Oh no, I know you can't say
The things I need to hear from you so go
Just go

Get away for awhile
I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time
You look good with bags under your eyes
And your coarse unchapped lips suckered into a smile

You're silent as the first snow of the year
But my dear, I copy loud and clear
I'll just say it, let's get out of here
Altogether, let's just disappear
Into the all-consuming night
No matter how fiercely I fight
You hold on to that dream so tight

But I must go, go, go
I can't stay
I wish I had an explanation
What's my motivation
I don't know, no, no
I'm okay
I just need some time alone

So, go back to the hole you crawled out of and bury your head in the loam
Cause you know wherever you end up you'll probably find your way home
Sooner or later the novelty's bound to wear off cause you know
Some things are better on their own

Oh go, go, go
You go now
You been here for (4) hours
We both know
There's no way out
So if you know what's best for me, you'll go
Track Name: Everywhere, Divers Wonderous Types and Kinds of Pre-Academic, Post-Post-Professional and Int(er)or(ra)personal Problems!
Wake me when you go
I need a frame of reference
Safer than my own two eyes
And I know I've grown to like it when you're cold
And slightly calculating
Waiting for the dough to rise

So you can sink your cool grey teeth
Into my pale skin until the veins and gristle show
But I don't know what you're waiting for,
Dive right in; the water's fine,
The tide is out, let's blow

Or rather roll into some other valley
Deeper than the ones we known
And it's nice to think that I don't have a soul
But it's probably not the case, and in any case
I'll never know

Until I reach the other side of a great big hole
And conduct a few experiments
And I'm gonna die before I get home
So in spite of all my cheeriness

There's still the matter of serpentine hobgoblins
Constantly swelling and turning tides against me
I guess it's only a certain kind of problem
I've been struggling with and discouraged by

So let's see: take me at my word
That'd be a proper start
Make me say the things I should
Cause you must know that lately I've been burned
And I've got a copper heart
The interface don't work so good

So I resort to screaming bits of gibberish
Between seething yawns of downtime
Like a senile mystical Sipowicz
Then a warm reboot at dawn and now

I'm naked in the sun
Laid in for some kneedraggin'
Waiting for the rain to come
But I recommend you take it on the run
Get thee to a speedwagon
Race until the day is done

The battle's almost over now, the game half won
But you still have one more opportunity to play,
One move to make, but you freeze
And you shake and you say:

"Taken a little bit at a time, it's alright
But all at once it's a different kind of problem
And so I guess it's no wonder why you've gotten
Hot and bothered by my refusal to try

But then again, and I don't say this too often
There is another I can't abide solving
So now for once I have half a mind to stop it,
Drop it like it's hot as well as on fire"
Track Name: Long Time, No Sleep
I'm chewing up the scenery again
I think maybe a Klonopin
Could help me clear my head
I need to hear some Donovan
And get my nit wits about me
The withered husk that you now see
Before you was, before this war,
A stunning star that shone from shore to shore

To sea to shining sea
And back down sullen, unlit streets
Through keyholes blocked for privacy
And into rumpled, blood-rich sheets

So if you stay, it's your mistake
Old habits tend to break
Like odometers on Oldsmobiles
But that's not how the story goes,
Don't feel ashamed

Because all around me
There was a forcefield designed to keep out grief
But then you found me
And I let 'er down
Yeah I'm better now

But I've still got some business to conduct
A couple loose ends
That I'd be loath to not tie up
But I guess that depends
On what I'm looking for and out for too
I know you think I've got it out for you
But I'll go through
What you put me through
And a lot more too
Just not for you

Cause if it hasn't happened yet it's probably too late
How many chances do I get?
How many will it take
To extinguish this external flame
And find the words to say
Perhaps a glass of wine and some purple haze
Just to pass the time and stay awake

But hey, long time, no sleep
I don't know what I'm doing
More concretely than usual
And you don't know me
Though you think you do
It just isn't true

And you know you confound me
With your double entendres and loaded replies
But I'll sleep soundly
And you'll sleep silently
If you lie to me
Like I did to you
Track Name: As Far
Glad to hear you're still alright
It's been a long time, and I'd been up all
Night last time I saw you
I can't remember a thing

A couple key phrases stick out
Something about how you're working with kids now
You told me to call you
When I'd had more or less to drink

And I can only imagine I meant what I said
But I probably shot off something clever instead of
My inchoate thoughts as I tremored with dread
Picturing your pink hands as they severed my head

Oh I don't know what had me thinking like that
I must have dozed off for a sec
But then two or three sentences bring me right back
And I feel the garrote on my neck

So let's you and I just stay as far apart as possible
Don't even try to make it up to me tonight
I wouldn't lie and say I think I know who's responsible
Honey, as far as I'm concerned, you can decide

Had my last nightmare last night
We lived in a house that was nothing but vast wide
Chasms & ballrooms
Larger than they first appeared

There was something I had to tell you
I saw you across a football-field sized bedroom
I tried to call you
But if you answered me, I couldn't hear

Now I'm no psychoanalyst, but it seems plain
It's not about space or a need to evade
Anyone who gets close or to hide in the shade
It's practically literal, and I am afraid

Because it's just too easy to stay disconnected
Which may be the best thing for both of us
Cause in concert, we're purely electric
And one of these days it will blow us up

So let's you and I just stay as far apart as possible
We both know why, even if saying it is tough
But they don't do justice, they only assist when when the casework is logical
And as far as I'm concerned, it's not far enough
Track Name: Dil Pe Mat Le Yaar
You say a lot of mean things
And I say a lot of things I don't mean
And we both say things that don't mean anything
Or we have been lately

Like "We're hiding between each other, hoping to never be discovered"
Well, I may never be your lover
Your husband, maybe

But bullshit is an art
The truth is an allegory
So don't take it to heart
If you get a stab at glory
And if you tear a gory hole,
It comes with the territory, so
Quit acting so smart

There'll be time to remind
All your self-conscious friends
Of your accomplishments
And play your pompous solos
For the rest of your life

Now and then you'll remember them
As stains on a sun-bleached canvas
And you'll strain to understand it
What was the draw?
And what was it like to gloss over it all
To make an attempt to cross over and fall so hard
That you saw more stars than you saw

From the hood of your car
But you're good where you are
Don't take it so hard
Dil pe mat le yaar
Track Name: I Will Own U
From the minute you first saw me
I didn't bother to look back
I took it on faith,
You presupposed it as fact
And so, I guess, you maybe caught me
Acting when I couldn't act
You shook me so softly
I just shook you off me
But you didn't look at it like that
So now you view a few rare moments on your private highlight reel
And you call me at some obscene hour asking how I feel
About the ways that things have gone, and are going, and probably ought to go
I struggle to feign disinterest, think too fast and talk too slow
Now these are everyday concerns
And that may marginalize you
But that's what I do
Gradually and guiltlessly
I've got a way with words
But then that shouldn't surprise you
What, you've never been lied to?
This is mankind's oldest industry
And you are ancient history
The dusk hangs above us
And behind it is the dawn
Which, though it hasn't much to offer,
Can't take anything else from us
It's all gone
I guess I make a lousy lover
I like things a little too precise
But that night I buried you alive our eyes met underneath the covers
Once or twice
And I saw a light
In your iridescent iris
That I longed to snuff out
So, since I'm ultimately spineless
And tough to shut down
I acted like a virus
Until you unwound
Prolonged, sustained defiance
Is not tantamount to violence
It's not a perfect science
Some day you'll come around
When time has run out
But I guess I could have told you sooner
Or at least as soon as I knew
But I still don't know a god damn thing
Hell I can't even use a tuner
Or carry a tune
So I don't know how you could expect me
To understand, though I try to
I do
And as you interrogate you wonder why I'm acting so suspectly
What are you trying to prove?
But be these irrefutable truths
Or just idle musings
Faux-suicidal brooding
Or if the skein of delusion is coming off
Just please do not dispute
The terms I'm using
Or how much I'm losing
It's a pittance compared to what I've lost
And no matter what the cost
I will own you
Alas, I wish I had known you
Would go and get stuck in phone booth
Till the morning sunlight shone through
Oh you owe me
Imagine yourself old and lonely
And though you may think you control me
That just proves how little you know me
Oh slowly, the rivers flow to the country
And so you came to confront me
You thought your brazenness trumped me
But you have no clue
I can pretend to console you
But the second that you let me hold you
Like I told you
I will own you