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Carried Away

from Yes Boss by Graham Smith & KGW



The last shall be first. An indirect transliteration error.


Sometimes I feel like Manoj Bajpai
Like when I say "Hello" and "Goodbye"
At the same time

And as I watch the scenery trot by
There's a fire below and behind my glazed eyes

And so I start to wiggle in my seat
Quaff another draught to put my heart to sleep
And take it to the streets
Making quite a scene
Quietly obscene

And as the nighttime fades into murky light
I pace and bellow and imbibe and cry and cry

Until the sun and shade and passers-by
Greet a humble fellow in a pile by the riverside

You've got another week
To sharpen up the speech
To make your life worth leading
Be it mercifully brief
It's better than a right good beating
See, it's much better than what you're feeling

Me, I'm gonna crack under the pressure
And let my spine relax
Guard and attack in equal measure
Or just watch the time elapse
But if you know a way that doesn't take forever
I'll talk to you when you get back
And I'll be goddamned if it doesn't make me
A better man

So you'd better hand me one for the hard road ahead
And two for the midnight show
I'm lost in a bar code again
All out of insight
Put up a big front if you want a big fight
I'd like a little one, but I'm sure I'll get by
Yeah I'll be just fine
I'll keep it all inside, then strike with a hit and run

Because it's all beyond my comprehension now
I can't imagine what'll happen if I get a sentence out
Will you hem, will you haw, will you
Tell me what went wrong?
Will you giggle, then guffaw
Then pretend there's nothing happening at all?

Or will you take it out of context
And inflate the facts
Until they're all morbidly convex?
And what kind of game is that?
Oh, I know you know I know everything's more complex
Than you could have ever known
But I still believe that being glib and prolix
Is the only way to go so

Take it as it comes
Maybe it'll come back to you
Or maybe nothing makes you feel that way
So be dumb
Sing it like you sung last time through
And be done with it
Wash your hands and say no, no, no
Bang it like a drum
Get your dander up one last time
Maybe you'll be better for it
Take another punch, take another plunge,
Do it right
Put your back into it, I know you can do it!
You know you can do it!

But can I say, can I say
Someday you're going to get carried away
And on that day you'll get caught in the sway
Of a garish display
The champagne sprays, the campaign changes
Somebody's gonna get married today!
But le jayenge, le jayenge
Don't get carried away


from Yes Boss, released June 9, 2008
(c) Graham Smith


all rights reserved



Kleenex Girl Wonder New York, New York

A prolific songwriter, a cracking tight independent indie rock band for live entertainment, and a fine art parody magazine about what computers think about human thoughts about their fine art

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