After Mathematics

by Kleenex Girl Wonder



One of the fun things about these digital re-releases is you can switch the game up. With Smith, I took the skits out. Some of you hurrahed, some of you boohooed, but all of you benefited from the flexible distribution matrix the Internet offers us all.

This album, 7 or 8 years later, still ranks as my favorite of the "first round" of KGW jams (i.e., before Final Battle, which came out as Graham Smith as opposed to KGW), but I think the original tracklisting is wack. So I'm flippin' it.

I stole the album title from Jay-Z via Dr. Dre, or so the Internet would have you believe (actually I believe it, just like I believe Nas wrote Wild Wild West for Will Smith - tip: listen closely to the cadence).

The cover as represented here is what I originally turned into March Records, and I present it unblemish'd as it is hilariously awesome. Tip: while designing the cover, I listened to The Fucking Champs' "IV" on endless repeat.



released February 2, 2002

Graham Smith


all rights reserved


Track Name: Why I Write Such Good Songs
The sweetest symphony is full of hot despair,
But soon enough, your racing mind forgets
A dance we had six years ago when we were young and scared,
And full of empty promises and threats.
So we complain about a place we've never been
And argue over pictures in a book
It always feels so incomplete
Another day, another street
Another sweet, uneasy look
I used to know just what I'd say if you confronted me
How come I can't remember now?
You ask why I write such good songs,
I think it's plain to see--
I have to let it out somehow.

No one can sing like me
And no one can play guitar like me and
No one says the things I say
And no one else ever feels this way
I can't explain myself
It would sound much better from someone else
But you chose me, and you were wrong
And that's why I write such good songs

In the time it takes to make one mistake
You're up and gone
And I'm so tired that I just watch you run
You always hide my evidence
And clean your snowflake fingerprints
Off the loaded barrel of my tongue
I can't ignore you anymore
But what else can I say
It seems absurd to argue now
I guess we should have kept in touch
Cause when you can't talk, you think too much
And it all builds up 'til it all comes out
When everything I try to say comes out so foolishly
I have no choice except to lie
So when I tell you that I hate the things you do to me
I wonder why I even try

(Chorus) x 2
Track Name: I Am A Serving Wench At A Themed Restaurant
Sometimes, when my dogs are barkin'
I don't feel like walkin'
But I don't mind
So if there's something you ought to say
Well then, talk away
I've got time
I've got nothing but time
I can barely sleep at night
But there is no relief in sight
Oh I still stop at each green light
But I drive--
Oh, ain't it great to be alive, well, alright
Hold my hand
Close my eyes
Today, I die
Each cruel word is
No surprise

Just say goodbye
Cause I gave up a year ago
I lost my fighting spirit so I quit
I play it cool, I try to be decent
But somehow all the pieces
Just don't fit
And that's just it
Oh the days I wasted
Trying to see your face
When dreams replaced it
I bleed from empty spaces
Since my heart got cut-and-pasted
Sure I wound up sated,
And got up off my feet till the hunger faded
A thought so sweet seems obsolete
Oh you make fate seem so outdated
But be that as it may
I still say
I will stay with you
And if that isn't true
We'll make do
Somehow, some way
Bite my lip
Hold my tongue
Raise your hand to my face
Let's jump this sinking ship
And just run
To a better place
So if there's something you've got to say
Please don't walk away
I've got time
I've got nothing but time
Track Name: Amelia
I know you see me when you're out on the street
You make me feel like I just can't compete
You say you're trying but it's hard to believe
Have you ever believed in me?
I take a walk, I take a second to breathe
And any minute I'll be on my knees
Cause it's a full-time job to be free
What with everything that you see
So what do you want from me?
I can't take recidivism
So hit me with some criticism
Look at a rainbow through a prism--
All you see is light
Amelia, ameliorate me
Ameliorate me, Amelia
Amelia, ameliorate me
Ameliorate me, Amelia
Oh Amelia

I started thinking that this must be a dream
I know nothing's ever as it seems
But I've got an eagle eye for recurring themes
And that laugh was a big red flag
So now I'm thinking, staring off into space
Cause it's so hard to look at your sweet face
It's just a memory that I can replace
A mark on my piebald past
A question that won't be asked
There's no time for hesitation
Cause I need an emendation
But still you shake with trepidation
Give me what I need
Amelia, ameliorate me
Ameliorate me, Amelia
Amelia, ameliorate me
Ameliorate me, Amelia
Track Name: I'm Pregnant
One minute is all it took
And now I get it
Hey, look, there's a lot of history here
Let me tell you I hope your sitting down baby
Sorry it took so long
But you were far away
And I just found your phone number today
So I'll spit it out now baby
Are you feelin' me?
I don't believe your stories
You're no more brave than you used to be
Oh take me seriously
Oh I pretend that I'm naive
But it still hurts and I still grieve
But while I'm quick to admit that the outlook's bleak
I'm pulling in $500 bucks a week
And I'm fine with the way things are
And I'm in love
Oh and there's nothing I would rather do
Than anything involving you
You're still the one I can't stop thinking of
We got lost on the Penna Turnpike
The grey moon as bright as a prison searchlight
How soon we forget
How much it hurt the first time
I smiled at the stroke of midnight
Cause I knew the trap I'm in is skintight
Somehow I know we'll get by
Because baby
I'm much smarter now
Oh I know all your secrets
And even they don't get me down
You're hard to figure out
And even harder to please
But that's what I need
I know it's hard to believe
But just trust me
I know how it feels to be seventeen
To be young and in love and feel so unclean
To just lie in your bed and pray that your eyes won't close
Cause heaven only knows
How much I dream about you
Cause I know what I'd be without you
And that's the saddest image I have seen
You'll run straight through my scarred cuirass
And shatter my heart of glass
And how hard I'll laugh as I cash in the insurance policy
You say it's obvious, men prefer honesty
Well I'm in no mood to defend my immodesty
So let's just pretend that I've ended my odyssey
Where else can I go?
You're the sweetest girl I know
I'm pregnant and I'm coming home to you
But what can you do?
There's been some indiscretion
But who needs an ancient history lesson?
I feel good, and you look fetching
Oh, as if there's any question
Track Name: Ain't a Damn Thing Changed feat. Zarathustra
Why you playing foolish games
You know the shit ain't changed
You know that I'm the same dude I've always been
You wanna act a fool
Talking all that bullshit
When this is the same damn attitude that drew you in
You can run off your mouth cause it's OK
But I remember all the shit that you told me
I know I know that you got love for me
I got love for you
You can talk till your voice gets hoarse
Your lips get chapped and your tongue gets sore
But I don't know what you all worked up for
What do you want me to do?
You’re running out of oxygen
‘Cause everybody’s holding their breath
You take a story, run with it,
And tell it ‘til you beat it to death
And you still do it best,
‘Cause you’re easy
But I can’t take it much longer, and
I’m getting depressed
You escape and resist arrest
You say you’re obsessed,
Then deny you confessed
But I must admit, I’m impressed-
You believe me.

You could learn a lesson from me
Why you always messing with me?
If you'd act professionally
Then things could potentially be alright
If you can't say what's on your mind
Then I can't afford to waste my time
If you wanna look behind and be blind
Well that's just fine, let's end it tonight
Because you can give me every line in the book
Every tried and true time-tested tired old look
You can getaway feeling like a small time crook
And I'll do what I want to do
And if there's nothing else you want to say I'll split
Cause the fact of the matter is I ain't your bitch
So why you always giving me the bait and switch?
Girl, just tell me the truth
And now, when everything you ever thought
You wanted only gets in the way
You run into the audience and
Yell at her and tell her to stay
And that’s all you say
‘Cause you need her
You think it’s out of your hands
And you have only to wait
For the next little move she’ll make
‘Cause you’re long overdue for a big mistake
And you know whose heart it’ll break if you leave her

Ain’t a damn thing changed,
Rivals get slain and leave deep red blood stains
On King James Bibles
We still reprimand sinners begging on bent knees
For absolution for fucking with Seven Against Thebes
We’re big game hunters
Who still kill one-hit wonders
And big names with flames and box cutters
We do it for the Dionysian revelers
Then submit it to the critics who applaud the textual exegesis

Ain't a damn thing changed,
Ain't a damn thing changed.
KGW still runs this game,
We got it locked and ain't a damn thing changed, motherfucker.
Ain't a damn thing changed,
Ain't a damn thing changed.
You try to copy but it's not the same.
We got it locked and ain't a damn thing changed, motherfucker. (Repeat)
Track Name: No Melody
=SUM(With no melody * (x))
Track Name: The Intentional Fallacy pt. I & II feat. Baiowolf
After mathematics, what's left?
A great thought trapped in your neck
While you gasping for breath
Catch a flying Papermate pen-stab to the chest
I line up MC's from the last to the best
Then I blast anyone who ain't mad and obsessed
With this rap shit, laugh then I ask who's next?
When I lash out, rhymes got panache and finesse
Get your cash out, looks like it's time to take the trash out
Bring a girl on stage, make her stick her ass out
Get her back home, play Dreamcast and pass out
Stay out the left lane, I'm tryina take the fast route
To bitches, success, fame, and cash and you're gassed off of methane
My shit burns fast-- HI OCTANE
Only takes a second to recognize I got game
The conductor, motherfuckers get off my thought train
7vT Bayowolf got the spot slain
Track Name: The Pathetic Fallacy pt. I & II feat [unintelligible]
The sun broke through the mist today
And whisked winter away
And kissed me on the cheek and said
"Don't miss me when I leave this fall,
I'll try and give a call
When all the trees are weak and dead."
So I woke up, and jumped right out of bed
Looked at all the books I've never read
Took you by the hand and shook my head
"No, no, no!"
Oh, there's got to be a better way.
Everything was simple yesterday.
Oh, to think I thought I'd never say
"I don't know".
Everything you love about life
Has its time, its place, and its price
And you know some dark summer night
You'll give it up for someone
But hey, OK, that's perfectly fine
Cause everyone knows it's all about time
And I sure try to be careful with mine
So go...
The road less traveled isn't old and gravelly
And that little fact has just baffled me.
But there just has to be somewhere
That feels like home
For ignoble souls who crave tragedy.
So when you land feet first don't look around
Close your eyes and hear each single sound
Then perhaps it'll hit you--"Oh there might just be
Someone with romantic tendencies
Humming soft oneiric melodies
Holding my small hand, and endlessly guiding me..."
So if there's a place that we can exist
Away from all this meaninglessness
I'll do whatever it takes to see this one through.
Everything you've ever believed
Is far away, and you're finally free
To be yourself, or maybe someone new.
Cause I've spent so long saying goodbye
That I can't even look in your eyes
But there's no reason to cry when the sky's so blue
Oh and if you think I'm fooling myself
Well, who really cares if I truly can't tell
But if you don't think that I love you, well, I do.

I'm natural like the flowers and trees
Sweet and sour MC
The powers that be
Demand you pay an hourly fee
To holler at me
Or keep rappin' on your own
Women rackin' up the bills tryin’ to catch me on the phone
I keep mackin’-’92 Probe on chrome
Sheets satin
Spin the beat back and speak Latin
Rego, rex sum, deffer than Marlee Matlin
Hold the gat like George Patton
If you wanna make it happen
If you wanna test Patrick Warburton,
Don a vest or I’m sure to leave you on the floor hurtin’
For certain

American gigolo, singing so rare
Bitches swear that I ghostwrote “The Marriage of Figaro”
I deserve advanced placement
For rhymes so sweet you can taste it
Face it, I’m on some JavaScript,
All y’all are basic
Your claims are baseless
I’ve been in the basement for ages
Ever since the ancients took a random series of notes
And rearranged it
Since Michaelangelo made a statue of David
Kick like Asics, more cars than Avis, 31 flavors
Now I may not be as famous as Martin Amis
But if the shit is good, then who gives a fuck what my name is?
The song speaks for itself, I keep to myself
Let the records stay six deep on the shelf
Like I said, I gives a fuck if my shit doesn’t sell
I spit for myself
But if you feel it, give me a yell
Track Name: Everything Is Easy
The days get longer every year
But still the hours fly right by
With all the words I need to hear
You had to ask me why
Oh, everything you say
Smacks of relaxed distress
That's one thing I won't abide
And this won't be the only time I've lied
So do you really want an answer?
Maybe you should wait
Seasons change and luck runs out
But there's no stopping fate
So it may seem like it's now or never
But all it takes is time
You've got your opinions, I've got mine
But you'll see
That you have had a strange effect on me
I can't explain it, but I'm fine
Sooner or later you'll realize
Everything is easy, baby
No one ever tries
Oh to scrap this tangled mess
Of bitterness and pain and start anew
Your voice betrays a strength
That cheapens every single thing you do
But it's okay--
I've got an eye on you
So keep your eyes off me
And sooner or later, girl, we'll see
What do you know about wasted time?
You've got a lot to learn
Just say what you've got to say when it's your turn
I can't fight the feeling that
I've said it all before
But no one really listens anymore
Track Name: If You Only Knew
If you knew that people tend to move in patterns
Then maybe you could see why it's so good
That I'm with you.
But then, that really doesn't matter,
Cause I want out and you want out
And everytime I close my eyes
You look like someone else.
And lately I'm just not myself
Would you agree that life's not really what you make it,
But rather, what is made?
And though I see something special in your eyes, they seem so vacant
And I am afraid that I just can't take it that much longer,
But I really don't know why
Oh baby let your conscience die
Oh if you only knew I had everything I wanted
If you only knew I have everything I need yeah
If you only knew I need everything I've got
Then you'd know all I want is you
So take your oath... I don't want it, you can keep it
Play it for the world.
But keep it mind that you can never learn my secrets
Because you're just a little girl
Oh I've got problems,
You've got problems
And we've got problems, too.
But I can't get away from you.
Oh if you knew that there's an end to every story
Then there'd be nothing left to say
And I think you do, but you stop reading everytime the plot gets boring
And pick it up another day.
Oh there's no sense in telling you
That I have got my doubts
Cause that's what love is all about.
Oh If you only knew that I don't know what I've got yeah
If you only knew that I don't know what to do
If you only knew I want everything I can't have
Then you'd know all I want is you
If I knew that things wouldn't change
And if I knew that it sounds so strange
To hear everything that I always say
In words so sweet and true
Oh if I only knew
Then I would run away from you
But if you only knew I have all I've ever wanted
And if you only knew I have everything I need yeah
If you only knew I have all I've ever wanted
Then you'd know all I need is you
Track Name: Fitzcarraldo
Sleep, my little bird,
'Til morning
There will be time for concupiscense then
Tho my will grows weak from disuse
I still have several beliefs to defend
I still belive that jealousy is tearing you apart
And I still belive that somewhere there's a man in me
O, is this my legacy?
A string of broken hearts
All of this from just a couple harmless fallacies
So chalk up one more casualty
When the trees grow bright new leaves this spring
And when they're shed like tears we'll sing
Fitzcarraldo, are you coming home?
You don't know the things I know
Be still my bleeding heart
For a moment
I cannot stand one more second like this
I am soft and bruised and my spirit flees
Though my mouth with each passionate kiss
Could it be my memories that fill me with regret?
Could it be my meager melodies are failing me?
Steadily my energy will drive me to forget
And I'll see my eager enemies are trailing me
Glass half empty or half full
You don't know the weight you pull
But I don't mean it that way
How I miss my right and wrong
Put me back where I belong...
Shaking me awake you feel that now's the time to exclaim
"I need you--now and then, forever--on the next plane!"
I need my sleep, you need your time alone to contemplate
The cruelty of your fate, and of your most unusual state
O, Lord they know not what they do,
But they know what not to do. (Repeat)