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I Will Own U

from Yes Boss by Graham Smith & KGW



The lyric text files I am working from appear to be unmodified from their original forms (not accounting for changes made during recording), and since this song was written in one feverish sitting before working a night shift, I present it untouched. The first error is in the first line. I promise I didn't edit it.


From the minute you first saw me
I didn't bother to look back
I took it on faith,
You presupposed it as fact
And so, I guess, you maybe caught me
Acting when I couldn't act
You shook me so softly
I just shook you off me
But you didn't look at it like that
So now you view a few rare moments on your private highlight reel
And you call me at some obscene hour asking how I feel
About the ways that things have gone, and are going, and probably ought to go
I struggle to feign disinterest, think too fast and talk too slow
Now these are everyday concerns
And that may marginalize you
But that's what I do
Gradually and guiltlessly
I've got a way with words
But then that shouldn't surprise you
What, you've never been lied to?
This is mankind's oldest industry
And you are ancient history
The dusk hangs above us
And behind it is the dawn
Which, though it hasn't much to offer,
Can't take anything else from us
It's all gone
I guess I make a lousy lover
I like things a little too precise
But that night I buried you alive our eyes met underneath the covers
Once or twice
And I saw a light
In your iridescent iris
That I longed to snuff out
So, since I'm ultimately spineless
And tough to shut down
I acted like a virus
Until you unwound
Prolonged, sustained defiance
Is not tantamount to violence
It's not a perfect science
Some day you'll come around
When time has run out
But I guess I could have told you sooner
Or at least as soon as I knew
But I still don't know a god damn thing
Hell I can't even use a tuner
Or carry a tune
So I don't know how you could expect me
To understand, though I try to
I do
And as you interrogate you wonder why I'm acting so suspectly
What are you trying to prove?
But be these irrefutable truths
Or just idle musings
Faux-suicidal brooding
Or if the skein of delusion is coming off
Just please do not dispute
The terms I'm using
Or how much I'm losing
It's a pittance compared to what I've lost
And no matter what the cost
I will own you
Alas, I wish I had known you
Would go and get stuck in phone booth
Till the morning sunlight shone through
Oh you owe me
Imagine yourself old and lonely
And though you may think you control me
That just proves how little you know me
Oh slowly, the rivers flow to the country
And so you came to confront me
You thought your brazenness trumped me
But you have no clue
I can pretend to console you
But the second that you let me hold you
Like I told you
I will own you


from Yes Boss, released June 9, 2008
(c) Graham Smith


all rights reserved



Kleenex Girl Wonder New York, New York

A prolific songwriter, a cracking tight independent indie rock band for live entertainment, and a fine art parody magazine about what computers think about human thoughts about their fine art

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