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With You, You Can Take It

from Losel Vila by Kleenex Girl Wonder



I don't pack a valise
I pick a go bag.

You have to catch me fat or happy
But that ain't easy
And you HAD to know that.

A fanny pack and a sandwich sign,
A little pantomime and a well-rehearsed grimace.

You see, many people lack the time
To stop and analyze, but that's my BUSINESS—

And business sucks!
Solid idea, but that isn't enough. Ugh.
I feel stuck on repeat, I wanna give it up.
All I need is a reason or a little nudge!

Plus, old habits die hard—
And sure, I'll grant it was easier back then.

So am I to guess you don't want my card?
Because I don't plan to drop the accent.

Oh, if we're headin' down that road...
I think you'll find the time you have to spend to go

Around in circles, when you prefer tight spirals,
Might be nice for a night or two,
Buffitwere up to you, you'd just as soon be alone

Oh wouldn't you like to know
The secret places I go?
I could never describe em though—
Cripes, I might as well write a poem!

Every box I find filled:
Must, mold, mildew,
Feathers, fur, false teeth!

And if you still don't blink, I will.
And it kills you.
Well just watch me!


He doesn't mean it.
You know he's changed.
For like a dozen reasons
Better if you don't engage.
Lucky me will gather up the pieces
He just throws away.
Cuffing season came and went;
But you refuse to show restraint.

Punditry is overrated,
Chalk it up to the cost of free speech.
Underneath it all, we need to talk,
And that's why talk is cheap.
Honestly, it causes way more problems
Than it obviates.
Probably about even, baby;
People need how long they take.

Not saying I never had
A person, place or feeling make me mad.
I CAN'T say that!
As it happens I have, as a matter of fact,
Had plenty of triumphs and setbacks,
Sadly, peaks and valleys, but speaking frankly,
You'd never guess that!

I swore
A wild rainstorm
Would tear this building apart
And when the sunlight
Didn't come my
Eyes adjusted to the dark.
So I lost the plot
And thought I'd forgotten
The meaning and purpose of love.
But now what should be
A mound of debris
Is a bustling commercial hub.

That's because
We cut the puppets off their strings,
And the caged birds act put upon,
But they long to sing.
So consider this an offering
To the forward scouts and pioneers:
A boarding house for your wildest fears.

Cause everyone needs to unwind.
Some ways are better than others.
People are easy to read sometimes,
The good ones are generally tougher.

I'm only trying to help you out.
I'm sorry if I burst your bubble.
I never said I wouldn't let you down.
I never said I understood your struggle.

I can tell you're no victim of happenstance
But you won't upset me by writing me off;
Platitudes only go so far.
They won't help much when you're having a panic attack
Or forfend the feeling of falling or fear of the dark.
You say you're fine, and I hope you are.

Cause you know it like the back of your hand
So don't ever let them tell you you can't
Take it with you
Cause it's always there.
It's everywhere.


from Losel Vila, released June 20, 2022


all rights reserved



Kleenex Girl Wonder New York, New York

A prolific songwriter, a cracking tight independent indie rock band for live entertainment, and a fine art parody magazine about what computers think about human thoughts about their fine art

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