Tendency Right Foot Forward

from by Kleenex Girl Wonder



Have you ever been so in love with a girl that you couldn't see past right now? Well I never put that much faith in the world till the bottom of my world fell out Everyone has seen things inside their minds But only things you never really see I always guessed that I just wasn't made for these times till I realized the times made me And I'm waiting for the pendulum to swing back And I'll grab onto the spike and fly From ignition to the moment of impact time just seems to roll on by Waiting for the moment to hit me Waiting for two lines to meet Tendency right foot forward, probability two left feet Have you ever seen clouds look all-out morose then they're passing by the neon sun? I have yet to shed my skin, but the moment I begin, I'm quite confident that I'll be done Have you ever felt so wax-winged and upset That you can't just sit up and say There's a whole other world that's not moving yet, I wonder if it's going my way? So now take to the sky And crash into the flashing sun Or run away, now Which one are you to decide? Temptation is only skin deep, but desire is worldwide... I've been in the dark for ages only right now is there light Everyone is prone to changes but most don't give up without a fight And the future might look quite horrid But the truth is that I don't mind Tendency right foot forward, odds are on left behind


from Ponyoak, released February 23, 1999
Graham Smith


all rights reserved