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Stevie Ridgewood

from Losel Vila by Kleenex Girl Wonder



If man is a rope o-
Ver an abyss
Why is it so hard
To strike a balance

Between business and pleasure
Or pleasure and pain? By any
Objective measure,
They're never the same.

See, you've been away, and me
I never grew up. And really,
Who is to say
We don't have bigger problems?

But you haven't changed, and
I still don’t do much.
So I knew you'd just complain and
Then we'd fight about it. Yeah.

Keep making that face,
Like I'm some maniac,
It just might stay that way
And it just makes me laugh.

You'd think it was ballet,
The way we gracefully dance
Around the fact that my pain
Is just a pain in your ass.

So sorry if we're not
On the same page.
Some things you might've heard wrong --
We all make mistakes. Maybe we been

Drinking too much sweet
Coconut wine…
Oh sure, YOU'RE just opening up, but me,
I'm over the line!

As for why I don't grow a backbone,
Or get my life together.
I think we both know how THAT goes,
You're just hiding it better!

So in that vein, if I may say:
"I'm sorry, but you know I'm right.
‘These things happen everyday.’
I swear to god, this all feels like

A lucid dream
Spiralling outta control.
What does it all mean? I mean,
Who else have you told?

If you wanna make peace with it,
Then leave it alone
You gotta break free
Or at least let go

Of the shibboleths and preconceptions
You've been hoarding in your head
Maybe you're adrift and need direction,
More likely bored and insolent.

You try to focus on objectives,
Isolate the shades of grey.
But all those lines of forced perspective
Never take the pain away.

If anything, they amplify it
Until a cacophony
Of angry klaxons and flashing lights
Denies you your autonomy

But no man is a private isle, and
We all have to play the game
So say goodbye to your quiet life un-
Less you're fine with dying ashamed and afraid.

And if you are then great!
Glad we all came to see and agree,
And have it our way.
Ok. Let it go…


from Losel Vila, released June 20, 2022


all rights reserved



Kleenex Girl Wonder New York, New York

A prolific songwriter, a cracking tight independent indie rock band for live entertainment, and a fine art parody magazine about what computers think about human thoughts about their fine art

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