Room at Deserted Ranch

from by Kleenex Girl Wonder



Maybe I want to but just don't know why Or maybe I don't Or maybe I don't know how I don't want to struggle, you don't want to try to think it all out But if you could see me now, you'd understand The sign on the door says "Sorry- Closed- Please Call Again" But if you come tomorrow, the door will still be locked And in my mind our room is vacant- everything's been rearranged Why did we go out of business baby? Only one thing changed I'm sitting on the bed in my traveling clothes The suitcase is packed I'm feeling sorry for myself And as I board the bus to come back home I'm not looking back I'm looking at someone else Thinking they're you Thinking that maybe they might do the things that you do Pretending if I kissed them, it would be the same But deep inside I know it's different, oh yeah, Way beyond a doubt And I stop to think it's check out time But time has checked me out I've never been one to leave a good thing alone That's the way I've been all my life I'm gonna have to learn you can't fix what ain't broke And things are better when they're just alright I can't help thinking of what we could have had together Just you and me In a room at a deserted ranch I'm sad Dreaming of things the way they could be I never could say no to a good thing, babe But it was not an attack I just did what I felt I should So I put up a "for sale" sign and just drove away And now you make me look back But I never said I could So how does it feel? Is it like pictures in a book now or is it for real? I can't tell with you, there's always something strange And I can't believe I fell for it, I'll never live this one down So I'm listening to the sound of Paul in another god damn town I'm trying to get to sleep but I can't close my eyes Cause you're looking at me when I do I see you in my dreams every god damn night I wouldn't mind if my dreams came true Don't think that I'll forget you cause you're stuck in my mind But eventually I won't feel this way So in a room at a deserted ranch I'm fine Just waiting and taking it day by day But what does it take to love you? And what does it take to let you know? How come I can't forget you? How come I can't just let you go? Oh I'll never know


from Ponyoak, released February 23, 1999
Graham Smith


all rights reserved