Power Bird

from by Kleenex Girl Wonder



Sometimes one outsmarts the other And sometimes we outrun ourselves Sometimes it's not worth the bother But sometimes you can even tell Cause I'm not thinking for me anymore I can't tell what I think it should be anymore And there's something that you can't see anymore Though it's right before your eyes But I won't think of you any longer At least not how I've tended to think I am a man but I could have been stronger I'll cut the line and we'll both watch it sink Cause I can't let you be fazed anymore I can't hope it'll be reappraised anymore Maybe I'm just not amazed anymore And that's probably just as well And all of the words sort of sting nowadays There's a different aura to spring nowadays It's always ideas about the thing nowadays But never the thing itself But this bird too will someday learn to fly And when she does, she'll fly away from you I had a whole life planned for you and I But then, you probably had one too And I will never let you fall The body dies, the body's beauty lives The body lies, the body's heart forgives So fly away now, one and all


from Ponyoak, released February 23, 1999
Graham Smith


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