Los Papas

from Accept the Mystery by Graham Smith



The first track recorded for the album. Mostly concerns itself with art vs. commerce/media and the ecstasy of hopelessness.


I was not alive
In 1995
And I’m no fun-lovin’ criminal
I saw something subliminal

A blurry face in a busy crowd
Bill Murray takes the triple crown--
You feel free to skip around as if
You own the flipping town

God, on a Sunday
You can see arthropods on the subway
And now there’s modern art on the runways
I can see God in a vase
Or a crumb cake

I can see Oz
Maybe someday, I’ll just be gone

How many rips can a strip of Velcro take?
Hell no way!
You did not just dump me for a cell phone rate

Out of range
You found a flame and lit the powder keg
How you say...?
Somebody might need taking down a peg

We took a guided tour of treasure map trails
But I’m still a slime-o-vore,
Chasin’ that snail
So c’mon, climb aboard
The adventure express!

I guess I should have guessed,
The way you looked,
The way you dressed, but
I’ve been out of town a fortnight
And tonight my fort’s a mess

But I’m less interested in myself
Than I’ve been since
Before I was depressed

Seein’ Papa Roach at Ozzfest
Feelin’ taken out of context
Eatin’ Papa John’s...


from Accept the Mystery, released March 7, 2010
Graham Smith


all rights reserved