Leave Me

from by Kleenex Girl Wonder



Get up out of your chair I've got some news to tell you but you can't be sitting down, that ain't fair I know that I love you but I know you don't care So what can we do? Sometimes it gets confusing but there's just no way that I'm losing you No matter what hoops you have to make me jump through And I'm sorry but it just felt alright I have a tendency to hold on too tight But tonight, if you say you don't love me, well then Leave me, oh leave me if you like You keep on telling me that you just got to go I think when the tempers are gone You'll still be holding on But if you say you don't love me, then you leave me no other choice I'm so easy to scare Things are getting worse and I really need to know you'll be there Wherever you are just let me know where So what will it take? To turn back every clock, freeze every second and erase each mistake Maybe all we need is a clean total break Oh so leave me Leave me if you can But I know you need me so you won't move I know you could leave me on any given night But I got a feeling you ain't going anywhere soon Night always fades into day But some things don't go away You can't leave me no matter how hard you try


from Ponyoak, released February 23, 1999
Graham Smith


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