Glander's Biennial

from by Kleenex Girl Wonder



Why do I feel this way? Why do you treat me so bad? Why are you quick to say nothing about what we had? Well I've been thinking lately I hope you don't hate me Because I'm so in love with you You know I'll never let go Some things I have to do, some things, well, I'll never know But if you don't really love me Please stop thinking of me If that's really what you want... That's what you'll get The sesquecentennial came without notice this year Glander's biennial told me that you would be here But I've been looking out the window I've been thinking all day since you Left me standing on one foot I've got to take back what you took so I need some time to be alone Away from T.V. and telephone You're my girl and don't you forget it The saga here ain't over yet And I've been thinking way too long...


from Ponyoak, released February 23, 1999
Graham Smith


all rights reserved