Forget the World

from by Kleenex Girl Wonder



Forget the world Cause it really doesn't matter When I called you on that saturday night
I didn't need the world Forget the world Though I must admit I worry You're in such an awful hurry to escape the world Oh but there's no need to run away just yet Forget the world-- "But it never gives up moving What exactly are you proving by ignoring it?" Forget the world--You just answered your own question It always goes the same direction, why bother exploring it? Looking in between the cracks Everything you've seen is attractive And the girls with pretty faces know There's not much more to life So don't repent, candy bar sinners There's some things you can't save All in all, we're always beginners Looking for the scenic route to hell Or just a quick way back to the grave Forget the world You and I don't really need it And there's no way to defeat it So just push it aside Forget the world You can't run away forever But I say better now than never Let's have fun tonight I'm still young and already I'm bitter So something must be wrong I may quit but I'm not a quitter I just like moving on So go on, handlebar tenors And sing your songs on high Soon will come the harshest winter And I can't take the coldness of your shoulder When I need a place to cry Forget the world Cause soon enough it will forget you And that really doesn't fit you- You're a worthwhile girl Forget the world Cause it really doesn't need you At least not as much as I do Let's forget the world


from Ponyoak, released February 23, 1999
Graham Smith


all rights reserved