Five Guitars

from by Kleenex Girl Wonder



Listen to the sound your heart makes A feeling you have can't be wrong Attitudes can change and the bridge breaks But the music of spirit plays on The backup band will make mistakesBut I'll just keep playing along Listen to the sound your heart makes Cause it'll be gone before long Five guitars, and they all look like yours And I wish that you could see them And hear the songs they've played Five guitars, a constellation without stars If the symmetry's uneven, how can we see straight? Oh listen to the words you can't say There's a shadow that cloaks every sound What is it about my birthday? Everything gets turned around Listen to the music your heart plays Record it, and write it down Everything is seen at least two ways: From the clouds and from underground Five guitars Oh we've all been too far And the myth says keep on goingAnd soon enough you'll fade Five guitars I don't know where you areBut what's the use of knowing? The choice is already made I listen to the things your eyes say But there's something that I can't translate Something that's cold like an autumn day, Something that stayed up too late The room is filled with music I can't play At least not in my current state Listen to me now, I can't stay The urge to forget is too great Five guitars And they all look like ours And I bet ou'd like to see them And hear the sounds they've made


from Ponyoak, released February 23, 1999
Graham Smith


all rights reserved