Door Kids

from Losel Vila by Kleenex Girl Wonder



[wolf whistle] that's a looker—
Can't turn down a bargain!
Perhaps you should've? what do you know about the market? you had to push it.
But you can't shut out the darkness,
Still on your "I've asked the butcher,
He's going to cut out my heart" trip.

Gosh darn, my goodness! it'd set a precedent, wouldn't it? send a message, burn it in:
Persistence is furtive. sure it is. your ol' friend eternal recurrence returns again and blurs the edges.
That way, there's no permanent record,
But you haven't made a confession—

Except that you can't change.
Though you did mention numerous paths of escape
But you wouldn't do anything that crazy
Cause you haven't been doing much anyway of late
I was gonna say
What? (wait!)

Say what you want to, say that you're right.
See what it's come to, stay for the night.
The people who love you you never like quite as much as what's in front of you. Cause you have a type
It's a double you. H. Y. Y. and it's coming through, but it's nothing new, take your time. you know, like you always diverted mine, sayin' you base your life on the ancient Gnostic proverb "any person might be serpentine." Perfect rhyme, over time gets overdone you know it does.
Don't get too comfortable though there's something watching over us. A drone with guns, no guardians or angels – all that hokum's bunk! And your crush hopes your hopes are crushed. You're drunk. Go home. Sober up.
Can anyone ever feel another's own internal emotions? Guess it takes less effort, though, to close a door than keep it shut. No one notices the poor things, all grown up, and never known love… …or somebody does, and snorts, "no duh, dork kids, open up!"

You used to barely miss the chances you didn't take…
But you owned it, no you didn't, no you suck!
Before you were the master of the useful mistake…
Now you're oversold and punished for showing up!
I know you think you say things in a humorous way
And put bullies in their place, but so what?
So much for growing up, this is a total bust.
Like you are to blame. Sorta nuts.
But then, who is to say?

Say, what did I do? Say it like your life
Depended on if I liked you, cause one day
It might.Satellites are drawn to a charismatic orbit.
You do what you gotta do: despatch a few door kids.
At scale, the cost is exorbitant, but it's just common sense
If the boss can afford it. Cause nobody's home, it's just y'all
And the sword in the stone. (It's sort of unfortunate how short it is.) So, the church is historic, deserted, and absurdly enormous. Don't touch that, it's important! But since you did, it's water under the bridge, unless they shut off the grid! The wick is lit, a storm is formin'! Of course it is.
This fix is in. No witnesses, no sorcerers, and no unfinished business once you're forgiven by corporate. It's folded in. Our vision, blurred; the scoreboard IS the board's decision. We're just porcelain figures, plastic orchids for the children.
Oh, you didn't see the orphans, really? Holes in the floors and ceilings? 'Storytelling', it's sorta brilliant:
Wild how the moral is you're the villain! The competition is more than willin' to absorb anything, or torture and kill it. You're chasing the odor of fortune; nothing's gonna happen 'til you know where the door is. You swore it was "so rewarding," before you stole reports and recordings, rode a unicorn into the forest, and morphed into the horrorshow before me! Before this inordinately morbid performance, nice form, but what's mine is yours, always.
Now, the vision is blindingly obvious:
"Only door kids let you into the conference"—
No, they didn't.


from Losel Vila, released June 20, 2022


all rights reserved



Kleenex Girl Wonder New York, New York

A prolific songwriter, a cracking tight independent indie rock band for live entertainment, and a fine art parody magazine about what computers think about human thoughts about their fine art

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