Does Your Back Hurt?

from Secret Thinking by Kleenex Girl Wonder



Does your back hurt from stooping so low?
I can see up your skirt, and the grass it does grow
Greener on the other side, as on your soft white underbelly.
Now I see your mother's pride! I tell ya, I'm so good at telly

Kinda like Armando Iannucci.
Alright, let's make us a movie:
I'll get Bruce V and Aung San Suu Kyi
For the metaphysico-political nude scene!

Do you understand, as a man,
You can't fuck with a body like you can with a band?
But you can't stand around with your dork in your hand!
You need feet on the ground. It's important to plan. So:

Does your back hurt?
From lying on it
and lying to me
and all the acid you took in 2003?
Oh don't answer, it's fine with me--
I'm not trying to be what you need, but
I might be.

I see layers of Mandelbrot sets-- must be the ototoxins
Or perhaps the oxytocin.
But Benoît Mandelballs I'm dosin'!
Move close in. Lose focus.
Hope she's too nice to notice.
It was written cuz I wrote it on the bus downtown in a Moleskine:
I will never leave you, Owens.
Catch the protractor I'm throwin'.
Hold out hope for mostly good bits
And when you see only one set of hoofprints
That is when I carry you.

So does your back hurt?


from Secret Thinking, released March 8, 2011
Matt LeMay, Thayer McClanahan, Graham Smith, Ryan Smith


all rights reserved