Ark of Godiva

from by Kleenex Girl Wonder



I think she'll do fine She goes out for water and comes back with wine Little men standing side by side Get on your horse and let's go for a ride Two by two all the patrons arrive Gaze in disgust just to know you're alive All this beauty is too much to describe Pillars of salt comprise the bulk of my tribe But there's a girl and she's crying Cause she thinks she someone else And it's not for lack of trying But she's poisioning herself All the time we look towards the skies
Young men undress our fair queen with their eyes And she likes to think they're blind But such hideous thoughts find a home in their minds So she rides to the great divide Says something of beauty, how it's on the inside And she lets her stallion die Gets on the ship and heads off for the sky But there's a man and he's been drinking Cause he thinks she's long since dead But she's not drowned yet, just sinking In an outfit colored blood red And the company song went "La la la la" But it didn't make anyone cry When she rounds up the virgins, the wives and the whores She'll have given up hope for the scope of her eye Sees a girl and she's crying When the captain forgets to steer And if the things I have to say Aren't immediately clear Then what can I say That people want to hear? All the things you say aren't the worth of your life But leave the only lasting impression So make sure that you know what you write Logic flows in one circular dimension Make quick with the words of man Your agenda knows only the future Change the things you can And if it isn't up to you Just leave it there and be glad Love finds a home on the ark of godiva


from Ponyoak, released February 23, 1999
Graham Smith


all rights reserved