Ain't Going Anywhere Soon

from by Kleenex Girl Wonder



Tell me why am I feeling this way? I didn't think and I'm paying for it now Well I knew this was coming someday But I didn't think this would be how Tell me why am I feeling like this? Soon enough, I'll be gone, and I'll say That I'm sorry I gave you that kiss Cause I knew I would take it away So as you struggle I can't hold your hand But when you wonder where I am And on new year's eve when you kiss someone new There's nothing much more I can say to you Because everything's been said before But if you want I'll tell you some more more more Cause I ain't going anywhere soon No matter what you say or do I'll get back on that bus and I'll ride back home and be blue Yeah I ain't going anywhere soon I've followed the sun, so I can follow the moon And I know I'll come back cause I ain't going anywhere soon I can't tell you the things I should say I've already done damage enough I must decide under skies cold and grey Am I coming back or calling the bluff? So just tell me which one I hate more To have you mad here or glad far away? And tell me why did I sprint for the door And assume the worst for every word you'd say? Oh I've told you what you mean to me, but that's all so much talk I've listened as you told me things and watched you like a hawk The only thing that counts right now is what will happen next And I can say a million things but every single one is out of context So tell me why couldn't I take it slow? I spit out all those words I knew I'd regret I told myself I could just get up and go But I haven't gone anywhere yet I can drive I can drive I can drive But I can't turn the radio on Cause I see 43-35 And I still ain't too sure if you're gone So as I struggle you can't hold my hand But take my word for it, I understand Mildew of the summer and the deepening snow Are both alike in the routine I know Cause I ain't going anywhere soon I don't know what it is about you But I know I'll be back and I know I won't know what to do No I ain't going anywhere soon I'll just sit here in my empty room In the ranch that I built for you mumbling say it ain't true So say it ain't true No I ain't going anywhere soon....


from Ponyoak, released February 23, 1999
Graham Smith


all rights reserved