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Ponyoak 20th Anniversary Edition

by Kleenex Girl Wonder

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mike formanek
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mike formanek I have owned this record for 20+ years and played it consistently every year since its release. Always fresh, bright and new. Perfect pop record! Favorite track: Graham Smith is the Strongest Man Alive.
chronosense thumbnail
chronosense This album is awesome because not only is it really good regardless of its topic, it also manages to be a breakup album written by a man without being horribly misogynistic or something lol. Funny to write out but it's genuinely refreshing. Favorite track: Now I Got a Feeling.
Bruno Packard Hill
Bruno Packard Hill thumbnail
Bruno Packard Hill One of the most thorough looks at heartbreak and loss I've heard, funny and sad without ever being self pitying (self loathing maybe). Also those chrouses fricking RIP!
I GOTA FEEEEELLLLLING!!! Favorite track: Now I Got a Feeling.
goatgutsfanaccount thumbnail
goatgutsfanaccount Like almost every Kleenex Girl Wonder album, ponyoak is an absolute classic that deserves more respect. Favorite track: I Cut Myself in Half.
Tom 7
Tom 7 thumbnail
Tom 7 This is one of my all-time favorite albums! How could I pick a favorite track?
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I don't see what you see You see me crying I don't see what you see I see me crying What more could I need? It's right here I only want the things you give to me I only see what I don't wanna see I only want the things you take away I only hear the things you never say I just can't be what you need me to be There's no excuse to fall in love with me Why waste your time? Just break my heart today The nearest future is less than a heartbeat away
I saw you at the seminar But whose eyes closed first? Like the shutting of an open door But I suppose it could be worse And I would go berserk If it didn't ever hurt But I'll never be sure Exactly what we were I liked it how it was before The warmest freezing stare But I'll keep trudging back for more There will be something there A birdcage filled with air It's not really a secret It's something you can't share It's an internal affair But now that it's official The time has come to fly And I must learn your alphabet So I can spell g-o-o-d-b-y-e
There's been nothing but signs And that's been fine But I've been thinking If you really want to leave me, leave me alone Cause I need what I need And you can't get this stone to bleed But what do I know? I can't say I know, or I've EVER known You've been reading my lines And every time, you look between them And now I wonder if I mean them And you wonder too Cause I see what I see And it doesn't bother me But what does she know What does she know And what do we do? And listen to the right ones singing all the wrong songs baby Oh I'd rather finish last than finish third And listen to the trite ones pushing all your buttons Cutting in like kissin' cousins Listening to every other word Now we've run out of time But keep it in mind I already know you So if you catch up to me I'll show you the things that I mean But we say what we say Every night and every day But what do we know What do we know And what have we seen? What does she know What does she know that I don't?
I know you think that I think that you love me But I also know that you always think of me So don't think that your little games are beyond me Cause I know that you know that I know you want me And don't put romance and emotion above me It's hard to resist when you're lookin' so lovely But don't you put anger and envy below me As much as you know me, you don't really know me But that's love What are you afraid of? Don't tell me you've had enough I will call your bluff When the going's gotten tough But I got a feeling baby I got a feeling baby now I got a feeling I got you I've been waiting for your call but the phone won't ever ring I've been waiting for it all but I won't get anything I'm looking in your eyes hoping you'll start hoping to see the things I see But now I'm going blind I know that you know the things you said tore me Apart but my heart can't work when you ignore me I've tried and I've tried and I've tried to start trying But all I can do is just sit around crying I wanna remember the things that you told me But it's so hard to think when you aren't here to hold me I miss the days when our hearts were in tandem I know you've got feelings but I don't understand 'em And that's true I just don't know what to do And if you want to say we're through I'll allow you to But I only wanted you And I got a feeling baby I got a feeling baby I got a feeling I got you Here's the art of the story where I wish for your return And where I quote a song I wrote about things you know and things you learn It's all that you wanted, it's all that you'll get It's all you made room for, it's all that will fit Cause now I got a feeling you would like me to forget You know that I know that you know I'm sorry I can't wait to look back when my eyes are less starry I don't know what love is, but I know I need it I don't know what life is but I know you complete it I don't know what you know and you don't know I know The pain that you gave me will fade over time Oh, we're both only looking for numero uno And I know that you know that I know that you know That that's love That's what life is made of I know what you're afraid of The same thing bothers me But that's how it's got to be Cause I got a feeling baby I got a feeling baby... I got a feeling I lost you
When I held you last night I could not believe That someday not too long off I would have to leave But I can't tell you what you'll always mean to me There's things you just can't say and, apparently, just can't see But I know that sooner or later we'll be together Everything can't keep going wrong forever Well I don't know what you want and what I want and whatever Well things have been worse but things could be better Maybe you can't be the girl I want you to Maybe you don't understand yourself, but see, I do So maybe there's an answer I'm asking you There's so many things that I can't keep a perspective I'm losing sight of the primary objective I wanna say "To heck with it!", things are getting hectic But every now and then, there's that glimmer of perfection But all the time I don't know What's good for me or which way to go And I told myself I didn't care about that But I cut myself in half There's a time for changing and for letting go I can't save the future now, but let me know Where I think I'm going, what I've left behind What I look forward to knowing, what I hope to find All leads back to one place, straight into your arms I can't be complete unless I know where you are "Uh, this message is for Mr. Fincher. Uh, my call is in reference to David Fincher And my name is David Fincher. David, please contact Mr. Fincher; You can call collect at 708-F-I-N-C-H-E-R. Again, my name is Mr. Fincher And my name is Mr. Fincher. Please call. Thank you."
Wait for me, there's still time The ball and chain is rolling I don't know what you've heard around town But none of it is true I promise to be back soon And soon enough you'll see That I'll be back for you If you wait for me I don't know much about the ins and outs of love But if you wait for me Then probably you'll get enough I can't pretend to be the man you see when you're asleep But I'll be good enough for you if you can wait around for me So wait for me if you can The guillotine is falling If I'm guilty of loving you Then I deserve to die I'll make sure I make it back To the place where you belong Please wait for me until I'm gone I can't see through your eyes I only see your eyes Don't stare into my eyes Am I corrupting you? Are you corrupting me? I don't know Wait for me I must go The nightingale is calling With her siren song so sweet And feathers gold and blue I must be moving along And I can't expect you to carry on So please wait for me until I'm gone Please wait for me until I'm gone
The first time burnt my eyes like a dream But I couldn't step back so I watched it I could not have known what I'd seen But it flew like a star so I caught it And gave it to you But you can't give it back to me Mayflower looks at asia are misleading But I shouldn't care If you've got it, you've got it Whether or not it's there Everything is not how it seems No matter how long you have waited The first time burnt my eyes like a dream But soon, like a dream, quickly faded...
Have you ever been so in love with a girl that you couldn't see past right now? Well I never put that much faith in the world till the bottom of my world fell out Everyone has seen things inside their minds But only things you never really see I always guessed that I just wasn't made for these times till I realized the times made me And I'm waiting for the pendulum to swing back And I'll grab onto the spike and fly From ignition to the moment of impact time just seems to roll on by Waiting for the moment to hit me Waiting for two lines to meet Tendency right foot forward, probability two left feet Have you ever seen clouds look all-out morose then they're passing by the neon sun? I have yet to shed my skin, but the moment I begin, I'm quite confident that I'll be done Have you ever felt so wax-winged and upset That you can't just sit up and say There's a whole other world that's not moving yet, I wonder if it's going my way? So now take to the sky And crash into the flashing sun Or run away, now Which one are you to decide? Temptation is only skin deep, but desire is worldwide... I've been in the dark for ages only right now is there light Everyone is prone to changes but most don't give up without a fight And the future might look quite horrid But the truth is that I don't mind Tendency right foot forward, odds are on left behind
I think she'll do fine She goes out for water and comes back with wine Little men standing side by side Get on your horse and let's go for a ride Two by two all the patrons arrive Gaze in disgust just to know you're alive All this beauty is too much to describe Pillars of salt comprise the bulk of my tribe But there's a girl and she's crying Cause she thinks she someone else And it's not for lack of trying But she's poisioning herself All the time we look towards the skies Young men undress our fair queen with their eyes And she likes to think they're blind But such hideous thoughts find a home in their minds So she rides to the great divide Says something of beauty, how it's on the inside And she lets her stallion die Gets on the ship and heads off for the sky But there's a man and he's been drinking Cause he thinks she's long since dead But she's not drowned yet, just sinking In an outfit colored blood red And the company song went "La la la la" But it didn't make anyone cry When she rounds up the virgins, the wives and the whores She'll have given up hope for the scope of her eye Sees a girl and she's crying When the captain forgets to steer And if the things I have to say Aren't immediately clear Then what can I say That people want to hear? All the things you say aren't the worth of your life But leave the only lasting impression So make sure that you know what you write Logic flows in one circular dimension Make quick with the words of man Your agenda knows only the future Change the things you can And if it isn't up to you Just leave it there and be glad Love finds a home on the ark of godiva
Why do I feel this way? Why do you treat me so bad? Why are you quick to say nothing about what we had? Well I've been thinking lately I hope you don't hate me Because I'm so in love with you You know I'll never let go Some things I have to do, some things, well, I'll never know But if you don't really love me Please stop thinking of me If that's really what you want... That's what you'll get The sesquecentennial came without notice this year Glander's biennial told me that you would be here But I've been looking out the window I've been thinking all day since you Left me standing on one foot I've got to take back what you took so I need some time to be alone Away from T.V. and telephone You're my girl and don't you forget it The saga here ain't over yet And I've been thinking way too long...
Leave Me 02:54
Get up out of your chair I've got some news to tell you but you can't be sitting down, that ain't fair I know that I love you but I know you don't care So what can we do? Sometimes it gets confusing but there's just no way that I'm losing you No matter what hoops you have to make me jump through And I'm sorry but it just felt alright I have a tendency to hold on too tight But tonight, if you say you don't love me, well then Leave me, oh leave me if you like You keep on telling me that you just got to go I think when the tempers are gone You'll still be holding on But if you say you don't love me, then you leave me no other choice I'm so easy to scare Things are getting worse and I really need to know you'll be there Wherever you are just let me know where So what will it take? To turn back every clock, freeze every second and erase each mistake Maybe all we need is a clean total break Oh so leave me Leave me if you can But I know you need me so you won't move I know you could leave me on any given night But I got a feeling you ain't going anywhere soon Night always fades into day But some things don't go away You can't leave me no matter how hard you try
Anne Marie 04:24
Anne Marie, won't you dance with me? I've been standing here so long I'm getting tired Anne Marie, glory glory be All by yourself you're just itching to be admired Anne Marie, and I don't think this love of mine can get much stronger Anne Marie, won't you marry me? Hurry up, cause I can't wait one minute longer All the time I look out of the windows I see Stranger faces than I would imagine they'd be A little bit obscure, but all the same they all need what I need,And that's true,I have seen a thousand girls on sawdust summer days I have loved a million faces all in secret ways And all of them were willing to be caught within my gaze But none stays except you Oh I remember waking up to every lonely moon And as I lay there half-asleep I'd realize it's noon The mind plays tricks and I play games with everybody's mind A girl like you is what I thought that I could never find Anne Marie won't you dance with me Before the love we have gets distant and forgotten? Anne Marie you just have to be From the same soft place as lavender and cotton Anne Marie what's it gonna be? If you must say no, well then, I beg your pardon But Anne Marie, if you'll marry me Then we'll lay amongst the flowers in the garden Oh naturally you'll see me in the shadows lying low And hoping no one else will see as they pass by And as I put the flowers on your doorstep I'm depressed Because I know they'll bring a sweet tear to your eye And time has come and gone for us The songs all says there's nothing But the memory that you and I have shared But I can't help the things I wanna say to you So let me carry on this way Although it seems as though I'm only running scared Oh Anne Marie, I need to know you're there So tell me what I am to you right now Anne Marie Just another summer crush like something off TV Or is there something else that only you and I can see Please tell me, cause I know Oh Anne Marie you know you mean the whole world to me The universe, the stars, the moon, and all the eye can see So let me know you feel the same way and you want to be all that to me And let's go If it's really meant to be then I guess that you will say The things that I have longed to hear since first you came my way But if you cannot say them now, then I am fit to wait A week, a month, a year for you Forever and a day Anne Marie, won't you dance with me? Oh my poor heart just cannot handle being broken But Anne Marie if it just can't be Then I'll understand before the words are spoken Anne Marie you can plainly see What you represent to me is beyond words and Anne Marie won't you marry me? Ah, the answers yes, I know it, I'm quite certain So Anne Marie, here's our chance to be Something different, so we think, than all the others Anne Marie, this is you and me Not another pair of unenlightened lovers Anne Marie, I just know that we cannot seperate You said it, I believe ya Anne Marie, will you marry me? Oh I love you and you know I'd never leave ya...
Coming Back 02:43
I'm coming back to a place that I once knew To a place that I been to a few times before I'm coming back to a place that I can't leave And I guess I just can't see you anymore Oh I can't help the things I say or control the things I do I can't say why I feel this way or why I keep coming back to you But I'm coming back to a place I've been spurned from From a lesson I've learned from but I'll soon forget I'm coming back to a life that I turned to Don't you know I've been burned too-- but I ain't dead yet No don't you worry, I'm coming back Oh I don't know just where to start, the whole things getting old I guess some things just fall apart, the centre cannot hold But I'm coming back to a familiar but queer world To a new or an old girl, either one, I don't care I'm coming back because I really don't do much Except talk and think too much without gettin' nowhere Oh all this noise that we can hear and these things that we can't do Don't concern yourself with that which no one grasps but you! I'm coming back to a girl that I don't love To a place that I've dreamed of but never seen I'm coming back and I'll be gone for a long time I probably came at the wrong time, but a boy can dream And don't you worry I'm coming back No don't you worry, I'm coming back
Power Bird 01:59
Sometimes one outsmarts the other And sometimes we outrun ourselves Sometimes it's not worth the bother But sometimes you can even tell Cause I'm not thinking for me anymore I can't tell what I think it should be anymore And there's something that you can't see anymore Though it's right before your eyes But I won't think of you any longer At least not how I've tended to think I am a man but I could have been stronger I'll cut the line and we'll both watch it sink Cause I can't let you be fazed anymore I can't hope it'll be reappraised anymore Maybe I'm just not amazed anymore And that's probably just as well And all of the words sort of sting nowadays There's a different aura to spring nowadays It's always ideas about the thing nowadays But never the thing itself But this bird too will someday learn to fly And when she does, she'll fly away from you I had a whole life planned for you and I But then, you probably had one too And I will never let you fall The body dies, the body's beauty lives The body lies, the body's heart forgives So fly away now, one and all
Now that you're gone I guess I'm free To take it easy and just be me Whatever I want Whoever I am Whatever that means, oh really god damn What the fuck will I do? Now that you've left me hanging on That old saying is true I just can't let you live without me Baby I'm sure that this will be good for us But right now I need you more than ever Where did you go? And why do I feel like I'm in two places at once But still nowhere at all? Now times running low I really don't know Just where to begin and then where to go Oh how do I get My feet off the ground I took you for granted when you were around But now I'm not thinking straight Like you're frozen in my mind Oh things were so great Why did you have to run and leave me behind? What does it take to make you come back to me And stay by my side forever? Why did you go? And why do I feel like I'm in two places at once But still nowhere at all? And why did I let you go? I should have held on twice as tight What things didn't I know? Oh tomorrow I'll be fine but tonight...You're just not here And I can't deal with that And I know it'll fade but right now it's just Why did you go? And why do I feel like I'm in two places at once But still nowhere at all?
So long... I've been waiting for so long to come back to you And it's been so long that I hardly know what I should do Cause it's been so long I'm hurting so god damn bad But I know you're the best girl I ever had And I told myself I didn't care about that But I must, cause I'm frozen, and just can't react And if you're saying you don't want me back Well then I guess I'm leaving- "Oh no- come back!" Well it's a simple decision, just say yes or no Should I commit, or make like the wind and blow? It's what you say, not how you say it It's what really happened not how you portray it It's what went down and not what's up It's what in full motion and not what's stuck It's what I feel, not what I say But the ball's in your court anywayI will hold you till you die But then, I'll say goodbye We do what we do and we drive and we drive But I see through you because I'm the strongest man alive The strongest man alive...
Don't wait up, I'll tell you when I'm coming I'll make sure that you're the first to know I've been stuck, but now I see I'm running out of time, so I just have to go All of the girls sing such pretty songs But they don't know what the lyrics mean Maybe they've had it right all along Oh maybe I'm wrong, but I know that I need you Don't wait up, I think the time has passed us by again Goodbye again alone This one's new, romantic-ass Erasmus Coming soon, and then I'm coming home I can't believe what a year this has been Summer months went by so fast and I was listening close To the sound of your voice Thinking I had the choice Singing "Listen real close and you're hear me explode!" Thinking this is feeling good but there's an end to every road So baby don't wait up...
I could spend all night telling you how much I miss you If you were here right now, I'd kiss you and all that But I've tried to work it out a million different ways And not one way connectsIt's so frustratingly complex It's love gone bad It's all I ever had It's so much easier to forget you when you're here with me But I will always see your face when I'm gone gone gone And I don't need you now, I don't need anyone It's so much easier but it's easier said than done Now I could spend all day saying I'm not going to fight it But when it comes down to tonight, it's not like that Cause I'm thinking everything I have to learn to say But I really don't know how And it's hurting me right now But it'll go away And I will rue the day When it was easier to forget you than to see you smile When it was easier to say "I don't need anyone" It feels like August 2, 1955 It's so much easier to think than to be alive I never asked you to lie I never asked you to try, just be yourself I never asked you to tell me how you felt And if it doesn't work out, oh well, easy come, easy go Oh no... It's so much easier to forget you when you're here with me But I will always see your face when I'm gone gone gone And I don't need you now, I don't need anyone It's so much easier but it's easier said than done
Maybe I want to but just don't know why Or maybe I don't Or maybe I don't know how I don't want to struggle, you don't want to try to think it all out But if you could see me now, you'd understand The sign on the door says "Sorry- Closed- Please Call Again" But if you come tomorrow, the door will still be locked And in my mind our room is vacant- everything's been rearranged Why did we go out of business baby? Only one thing changed I'm sitting on the bed in my traveling clothes The suitcase is packed I'm feeling sorry for myself And as I board the bus to come back home I'm not looking back I'm looking at someone else Thinking they're you Thinking that maybe they might do the things that you do Pretending if I kissed them, it would be the same But deep inside I know it's different, oh yeah, Way beyond a doubt And I stop to think it's check out time But time has checked me out I've never been one to leave a good thing alone That's the way I've been all my life I'm gonna have to learn you can't fix what ain't broke And things are better when they're just alright I can't help thinking of what we could have had together Just you and me In a room at a deserted ranch I'm sad Dreaming of things the way they could be I never could say no to a good thing, babe But it was not an attack I just did what I felt I should So I put up a "for sale" sign and just drove away And now you make me look back But I never said I could So how does it feel? Is it like pictures in a book now or is it for real? I can't tell with you, there's always something strange And I can't believe I fell for it, I'll never live this one down So I'm listening to the sound of Paul in another god damn town I'm trying to get to sleep but I can't close my eyes Cause you're looking at me when I do I see you in my dreams every god damn night I wouldn't mind if my dreams came true Don't think that I'll forget you cause you're stuck in my mind But eventually I won't feel this way So in a room at a deserted ranch I'm fine Just waiting and taking it day by day But what does it take to love you? And what does it take to let you know? How come I can't forget you? How come I can't just let you go? Oh I'll never know
Five Guitars 02:55
Listen to the sound your heart makes A feeling you have can't be wrong Attitudes can change and the bridge breaks But the music of spirit plays on The backup band will make mistakesBut I'll just keep playing along Listen to the sound your heart makes Cause it'll be gone before long Five guitars, and they all look like yours And I wish that you could see them And hear the songs they've played Five guitars, a constellation without stars If the symmetry's uneven, how can we see straight? Oh listen to the words you can't say There's a shadow that cloaks every sound What is it about my birthday? Everything gets turned around Listen to the music your heart plays Record it, and write it down Everything is seen at least two ways: From the clouds and from underground Five guitars Oh we've all been too far And the myth says keep on goingAnd soon enough you'll fade Five guitars I don't know where you areBut what's the use of knowing? The choice is already made I listen to the things your eyes say But there's something that I can't translate Something that's cold like an autumn day, Something that stayed up too late The room is filled with music I can't play At least not in my current state Listen to me now, I can't stay The urge to forget is too great Five guitars And they all look like ours And I bet ou'd like to see them And hear the sounds they've made
What you said hit close to home But nevertheless, you know it hurts Sitting on the lower level I keep echoing your words: "Just get your things and go. Forget the things you know." The lovebirds do not sit, they've flown away Pages of the scrapbook blown away The structure has collapsed And both of us are trapped The nest is filled with crows But a rose is a rose is a rose is a rose is a rose And so it goes Cause no one really knows So I'll be listening to the sound of Paul Reverberating through the hall I wonder if you cared at all It don't matter I got rock and roll And rock and roll's the only thing I need The songs were not rehearsed The drums were recorded first My phone is off the hook My heart is an open book And look, here comes the end I can't read it again But you'll always be there in the back of my mind Singing your songs or my songs, no matter what kind If you hurt me again, all I'll do is rewind So do your own thing but just know you can find me Listening to the sound of Paul...
Forget the world Cause it really doesn't matter When I called you on that saturday night I didn't need the world Forget the world Though I must admit I worry You're in such an awful hurry to escape the world Oh but there's no need to run away just yet Forget the world-- "But it never gives up moving What exactly are you proving by ignoring it?" Forget the world--You just answered your own question It always goes the same direction, why bother exploring it? Looking in between the cracks Everything you've seen is attractive And the girls with pretty faces know There's not much more to life So don't repent, candy bar sinners There's some things you can't save All in all, we're always beginners Looking for the scenic route to hell Or just a quick way back to the grave Forget the world You and I don't really need it And there's no way to defeat it So just push it aside Forget the world You can't run away forever But I say better now than never Let's have fun tonight I'm still young and already I'm bitter So something must be wrong I may quit but I'm not a quitter I just like moving on So go on, handlebar tenors And sing your songs on high Soon will come the harshest winter And I can't take the coldness of your shoulder When I need a place to cry Forget the world Cause soon enough it will forget you And that really doesn't fit you- You're a worthwhile girl Forget the world Cause it really doesn't need you At least not as much as I do Let's forget the world
Tell me why am I feeling this way? I didn't think and I'm paying for it now Well I knew this was coming someday But I didn't think this would be how Tell me why am I feeling like this? Soon enough, I'll be gone, and I'll say That I'm sorry I gave you that kiss Cause I knew I would take it away So as you struggle I can't hold your hand But when you wonder where I am And on new year's eve when you kiss someone new There's nothing much more I can say to you Because everything's been said before But if you want I'll tell you some more more more Cause I ain't going anywhere soon No matter what you say or do I'll get back on that bus and I'll ride back home and be blue Yeah I ain't going anywhere soon I've followed the sun, so I can follow the moon And I know I'll come back cause I ain't going anywhere soon I can't tell you the things I should say I've already done damage enough I must decide under skies cold and grey Am I coming back or calling the bluff? So just tell me which one I hate more To have you mad here or glad far away? And tell me why did I sprint for the door And assume the worst for every word you'd say? Oh I've told you what you mean to me, but that's all so much talk I've listened as you told me things and watched you like a hawk The only thing that counts right now is what will happen next And I can say a million things but every single one is out of context So tell me why couldn't I take it slow? I spit out all those words I knew I'd regret I told myself I could just get up and go But I haven't gone anywhere yet I can drive I can drive I can drive But I can't turn the radio on Cause I see 43-35 And I still ain't too sure if you're gone So as I struggle you can't hold my hand But take my word for it, I understand Mildew of the summer and the deepening snow Are both alike in the routine I know Cause I ain't going anywhere soon I don't know what it is about you But I know I'll be back and I know I won't know what to do No I ain't going anywhere soon I'll just sit here in my empty room In the ranch that I built for you mumbling say it ain't true So say it ain't true No I ain't going anywhere soon....
Without much fuss, the great could just be good A just-missed bus, opportunity knocks on wood As the line grows longer, everyone looks around A mess of lost children, hoping that they won't be found And the bells all come out at nighttime, when we can breathe A sigh of relief, and sneak a smile under our teeth For we know that the end is inevitable and so near We could have been something but love is the one thing we fear And the sweetest tune our hearts can hear
If I could see myself in calmer, smoother colors Then maybe I would think that you might think I'm real But it's too late to change now Cause you've become a fixture I'm saying it's the wrong way, and I can't stay But then it cuts I can't wait to fade out, like the ending of a picture I'm waiting for the black screen in the next scene But the curtain still stays up And you keep saying, "Boy, pick up that chin!" But I always end up back where I begin Put no faith in things you can't rescind There ain't no use in running from the wind The only universal truths are things you can't see I've come to realize my world depends solely on me The things that you know now are things that you've created You've heard them from another source, very well of course, But all the same Your memory's gone now, so can it be debated No matter what you caught or missed You just don't exist And you're never gonna get it back again All the worlds that I'm too weak to spin Look like they'll be coming round again Where I'm going, where I've always been There ain't no use in running from the wind There ain't no use in running from the wind


At last, Kleenex Girl Wonder's watershed "Ponyoak" 2xLP gets a quality and usability upgrade in honor of its 20th anniversary.

180g vinyl. Gatefold jacket with lyrics. Four inspired reimaginings of the iconic bearboy on the cover. Remastered audio fidelity.

Originally released on March Records in 1999 by March Records. Much love to Jack McFadden.


released November 22, 2019

Graham Smith


all rights reserved



Kleenex Girl Wonder New York, New York

A prolific songwriter, a cracking tight independent indie rock band for live entertainment, and a fine art parody magazine about what computers think about human thoughts about their fine art

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